Announcement: PRé Launches New Web-Based Software At LCM 2015

PRé hosted a side room event at the Life Cycle Management 2015 conference in Bordeaux to launch its latest software offering, SimaPro Share & Collect.

By Alba Espinosa van de Bunt on August 31, 2015


Our partners and customers often share the need to make colleagues in other departments understand the value of LCA results. It is a waste of time and resources when LCA reports end up unread at the bottom of a pile instead of helping a business achieve its departmental sustainability goals. Intensive discussions and collaboration solidified the need for a solution that can bridge the gap between the technical, science-based LCA reports and day-to-day information needed to make better business decisions. SimaPro Share & Collect was designed to be this solution.


Share & Collect is an interactive, web-based platform that was developed to make sustainability collaboration easier and more effective. With SimaPro Share, life cycle assessment (LCA) results can be interpreted and applied by everyone, regardless of their background in sustainability assessment methodologies. Interactive scenarios give tangible insights into the effects of choices, which helps people in all business departments make better, fact-based decisions. SimaPro Collect is a tool that simplifies gathering information from suppliers and stakeholders. With the online dashboard, monitoring progress and data quality becomes easier than ever.


The LCM conference is one of the leading conferences worldwide about not just the science of life-cycle-based methodologies, but also its strategic implementation. That makes it the ideal venue to present Share & Collect, a development that could revolutionise the way LCA results are applied throughout the business context.


PRé CEO Mark Goedkoop and Sustainability Consultant Anne Gaasbeek presented SimaPro Share & Collect on 31 August. Free trials are available to all sustainability practitioners who want to start working with this tool.


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To request a free trial, or for more information about SimaPro Share & Collect, go to:

For more information about the release of SimaPro Share & Collect, please:

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