PRé at SETAC Europe 29th Annual Meeting

SETAC Europe Annual Meeting – one of the most exciting conferences in LCA community – starts on the 26th of May in Helsinki. As usually, PRé will be present to share one of our projects and discuss the latest developments in the field.

May 13, 2019


The conference is organised by the European unit of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), which includes life cycle assessment under its umbrella. For LCA researchers and practitioners, SETAC Europe is perhaps the best opportunity to present and learn about important developments in impact assessment methods, inventory data as well as the use of LCA in decision making. This year, bio-based industries and sustainability of circular economies are also on the agenda. Last but not least, the great value of SETAC is the possibility to exchange ideas and experiences with fellow LCA experts.


In the session dedicated to decision support for sustainability, Marisa Vieira, Principal Consultant at PRé, will present the learnings and conclusions from one of the Environmental Footprint satellite projects – Remodeling. Last year at SETAC we discussed the first stages of the project, most importantly testing the exchange of aggregated datasets between five LCA software tools. Now it is time to talk about transferring entire models and ensuring comparability of their results. What problems did we face and what victories achieved? Join us on Wednesday (29th of May) at 8:35 in room 103 B, to learn more. And if you are not an early bird, remember to grab an extra shot of coffee.

Presentation "Closer than ever to seamless exchange of data and models between LCA software tools: lessons learned and improvement opportunities from the EF Remodeling project" will open the session "Improving decision support for sustainability going beyond standard LCA". You can find the abstract here.


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More information about the conference and program can be found on the SETAC Helsinki website.

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Marisa Vieira
Marisa Vieira
Principal Consultant
'Making informed decisions'