PRé at the ALCAS Conference 2019

Join PRé and Lifecycles at the ALCAS Conference 2019 on March 4 for a SimaPro workshop, a morning session about new developments in the LCA world in general and in the SimaPro world in particular. This is an opportunity to network with fellow SimaPro users, get answers from our experts, and learn about the exciting new SimaPro options.

By Jori Coustillas on February 19, 2019

We will start by presenting the latest data libraries available for specific Australian cases and the latest release of ecoinvent. And to further hone your experts skills, Tim Grant and Paul-Antoine Bontinck from Lifecycles, our SimaPro partner, will demonstrate how new developments in water footprint, acidification and land use can be integrated into your SimaPro assessments.


But that is only one side of the coin. Today, life cycle assessment is expanding beyond the LCA expert, and an increasing number of companies are looking for custom tools that can help them easily construct and share LCA models across departments.

New SimaPro tools and options deliver more value, not only for LCA experts but also for business users. Now you can communicate LCA results to other departments and collect survey data with Collect, Share and others, as well as scale up the value of your existing tools (for example, calculate GHG emissions) or easily create new tools with the SimaPro API. 

The session will include a live demo of these new tools and options available for SimaPro customers, followed by a short hands-on session.


This is a unique opportunity to learn about the future plans for the SimaPro software directly from Jori Coustillas, SimaPro Product Owner from PRé Sustainability, network with other SimaPro users, and share your ideas and suggestions.


Workshop facilitators

  • Jori Coustillas – PRé Sustainability
  • Tim Grant – Lifecycles
  • Paul-Antoine Bontinck – Lifecycles



9:30 Introductions

9.40 SimaPro database developments

  • AusLCI database structure and what's new
  • IElab database - What is it and how to use it
  • Eco-invent 3.5 - New inventory and data structures

10:30 Dealing with new regionalized impact methods in SimaPro

  • Water footprints
  • Acidification
  • New land use impact categories

10:50  Tea break

11:00  A new way of doing LCA

  • New online SimaPro platform
  • Share & Collect
  • SimaPro flow
  • APIs and other features

11:40 Q&A on all topics

12:00 Play & Try


Attend our presentations

During the following days of the conference, do not hesitate to attend the sessions where our experts will be presenting their work and their vision for the future of LCA:

  • Tuesday 5th at 13:30, Tim will present his LCA of biofuels  as part of the Agriculture and food session
  • Wednesday 6th at 9:00, Jori will discuss the digital transformation of LCA during the morning plenary session and the following panel discussion
  • Wednesday 6th at 13:30, in a session about circular economy and waste, Paul-Antoine will show the benefits of e-waste recycling in Australia.


For registration and more information, please visit the ALCAS Conference website.

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‘I believe companies and organisations need to make drastic changes in the way they do business. In my opinion, LCA is the best tool to help people focus on actually relevant changes. It can help companies steer in more sustainable directions without falling for obvious, but sometimes misleading, options.’

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