Release Summer edition of The Sustainability News | Towards Sustainability Harmonisation

On Wednesday, June the 19th, the summer edition of The Sustainability News, PRé's newsletter, is coming out. The theme is "Towards Sustainability Metrics Harmonisation"



This summer edition is all about Transparency & Collaboration and how they are crucial for sustainability harmonisation.


With conference season upon us, PRé team members have been travelling around the world to learn about and contribute to all the latest and greatest developments in the LCA community. During Sustainable Brands ’13 in San Diego, PRé was proud to present our work on last year’s SB Innovation Open winner, Ecofiltro. Conference attendees were treated to PRé’s LCA of Ecofiltro’s locally sourced and produced water filter. Meanwhile at SETAC in Glasgow, those present learned the results of LC-IMPACT, the nearly four-year, multidisciplinary program designed to improve life cycle impact assessment methods.  In other Industry News, The Sustainable Apparel Coalition commissioned PRé to review their internal PCR Guidance documents.

We will also have a special look at Social Pioneers Roundtable member, DSM. DSM sustainability manager Jacobine Das Gupta told us all about developing DSM’s People+ program, and her hopes for the future of social metrics.

We’re also excited to share with you our revamped look at LCA Expertise; and the Story of our Korean partner, KMA. A non-profit active for more than 50 years, KMA is making great strides in sustainability adaptation and alignment throughout Korea.


In addition, some news about our renewed course materials, and the last SimaPro tips and tricks. And last but not least, some critical thoughts on the Challenges toward Harmonised Sustainability Metrics, in our Column.


We wish our Sustainability News Readers a happy reading!


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