SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting

It’s that time of the year again: the 24th SETAC Europe annual meeting is coming up, this year in the city of Basel, Switzerland. This major international conference focuses on the latest developments in many kinds of environmental sciences.

The meeting is organized by SETAC, the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, which is a non-profit organization with over 5000 members. Their annual meeting provides a forum for scientists, academics, and government and industry experts to exchange new developments, ideas and solutions related to environmental problems.

The annual meeting attracts a large group of environmental experts from around the world, which makes it a great place to meet fellow environment enthusiasts. The meeting lasts for four days, but I am not worried I’m going to get bored at any time. Those four days are packed with nine parallel tracks of sessions with presentations on various topics.

What I am particularly looking forward to are the sessions on teaching and communicating sustainability and on benchmarking in LCA, since they focus on the application and use of LCA. But the nice thing about the SETAC conference is that there are sessions on so many topics, that it’s easy to step outside your comfort zone a little bit and explore a topic you are not that familiar with. So perhaps I’ll find myself learning about the effects of pollutants on amphibians and reptiles, or the ecological consequences of exposure to pharmaceuticals. Wherever I end up during those days, I’m sure it will be both interesting and educational.

I am also looking forward to meeting lots of new and interesting people.  You can find me and my colleagues Mark Goedkoop and Tommie Ponsioen at the conference venue throughout the four days of sessions. Of course we’ll also be around for lunches and the conference dinner, so there will be plenty of opportunity for us to get acquainted. I hope to see you there!

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Ellen Brilhuis-Meijer joined the Consultancy Team in 2012, as a Technical Consultant. She did excellent work providing SimaPro and LCA trainings and applied her skills in communicating lca results for different business audiences. Ellen worked at PRé from 2012 until 2015.

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