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October 28, 2013

How do I know if a substance is in a method?


Using parameters for scenario analysis


This video shows how you can determine which methods (and subsequently which impact categories) include a certain substance.   Using parameters can simplify your work and give you the flexibility to easily change values or assumptions in your model.  This video provides a simple example.



Getting the most out of the Network tab



How can I exchange projects with another SimaPro user?


In this video, we explore the Network tab of the results window and take a closer look at a few of the functions it offers.



  Transferring a complete project from one SimaPro user to can be done using the 'Export SimaPro Database' and 'Import SimaPro database' functions.  This video shows you how that is done and highlights some important points you have to keep in mind during the process.



How can I copy a process from one project to another?


How can I create a system level process from a unit level process?


This quick tip shows how you can copy processes from one project to another using the Copy Tree function.



  Converting a unit process to system process allows to create aggregated results in which confidential data is hidden, and that calculate quickly as no large networks are included. This video will show you how to create a system level process from a unit level process.



Library Switch Function


Analysis of Groups


This video explains how to use the library switch function, allowing you to easily switch between unit and system libraries, without having to change your model.




  Using the Analysis of Groups feature, you can specify the contribution of groups of processes. So instead of presenting results per process or product stage, you can present results per function (for example energy, transport, etc.).  This video shows how you can use this feature from the network tab of your results window.



Linking Data to Excel


What's new in Simapro 8?

This video shows how you can link certain data fields in SimaPro to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.   This video provides an overview of the main changes and improvements in SimaPro 8.


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