Sustainability Systems Forum | Sharing field experience with new generations

From Academia to Consulting. Vee Subramanian, Senior Consultant for PRé, will be sharing his field experience at the Sustainability Systems Forum

April 02, 2013

Education is the cornerstone of innovation, and this Friday at the University of Michigan PRé Senior Consultant Vee Subramanian will discuss the importance of collaborating in the post-academic world. Vee will in particular provide insight for students into what it means to be a sustainability consultant in a rapidly growing field. Students will hear about required skills, emerging technologies, and the ever-increasing interest in quantification. A recent PhD graduate, Vee navigated the transition from student to consultant.


The goal of this presentation is to provide an insight into consulting for students who are interested in pursuing it as a career trajectory. Attendees of this presentation will get a good idea of what skills are necessary to be a successful consultant and how these skills will also ready the new generation of students for working in related professional tracks.


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