Sustainable Brands 2013 | PRé encourages companies to integrate sustainability metrics

Sustainable Brands is perhaps the biggest event each year for organisations involved in sustainability business integration. PRé will once again be attending this important event, the preparations are underway, and we are excited to discuss our work encouraging Metrics Integration in sustainable business programs.

By Renée Morin on May 04, 2013


We are excited to be sponsoring SB again this year and look forward to reconnecting with some of the world’s top brands and sustainability experts. We are eager to talk with professionals about the effective integration of sustainability into modern business. At our booth (37) we’ll be also featuring some of the work we’ve conducted with key clients over the past year. This way, we can provide our visitors with firsthand information on how we help additional companies integrate metrics into their sustainability programs.


Last year, PRé was asked to participate in the Innovation Open, where I participated as a judge on a multidisciplinary panel which helped to select the winning project. PRé provided pro bono consulting services to the winning team, Ecofiltro. PRé conducted a life cycle assessment of the filter and compared it to other water delivery systems to assist Ecofiltro in its marketing campaign. PRé also proudly contributed to SB12 through its Bronze Sponsorship, and members from both our US and Netherlands teams attended multiple informative and inspiring sessions. 

This year, we will be at booth number 37, from Monday through Thursday that week and attending the various evening festivities. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

 See here our events calendar for the dates.


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Renée Morin opened the North American office of PRé in 2011, serving as President of PRé‘s North American team. She lead the team to create unique life-cycle-based solutions in diverse industries, from solar energy, to chemicals. Renée worked at PRé from 2011, until 2015.

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