Is our SimaPro training something for (people like) you?

I have been one of the PRé LCA and SimaPro trainers since October 2014, a task I particularly enjoy because of the variety of people attending. In this article, I will spend some time discussing who these people are and where they come from, to help paint a picture for anyone interested in following one of our training sessions.

Mar 27 - 28 | SimaPro and LCA: essentials
Mar 27 - 29 | SimaPro and LCA: in-depth
Jun 19 - 20 | SimaPro and LCA: essentials
Jun 19 - 21 | SimaPro and LCA: in-depth
Sep 25 - 26 | SimaPro and LCA: essentials
Sep 25 - 27 | SimaPro and LCA: in-depth
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