Beatrice Bortolozzo

Eric Mieras
Managing Director
'Positive impact makes you meaningful'
Michiel Oele
SimaPro Product Specialist
'Making the right decisions'
Ruba Dolfing Fanous
Senior Customer Service Specialist
'Creating real change'
Synnøve Hjellvik
Junior Customer Service Specialist
'Imagine a future we are excited about'
Anneke Haringsma
Sales & Partner Manager
'Translating sustainability into business'
Marisa Vieira
Principal Consultant
'Making informed decisions'
Anne Gaasbeek
Senior Consultant
'Towards the green revolution'
Katarzyna Cenian
'Choices that really are "green"'
Laura Golsteijn
'Everyone can contribute. Every day.'
Daniël Kan
'Providing facts for sustainable development'
Elsa Valencia
‘LCA tools beyond technical solutions’
Rosan Harmens
'LCA as a starting point for innovation'
Tjeerd Raijmakers
'Understanding sustainability'
Jori Coustillas
Product Owner
'Steering in a meaningful direction'
Karin Piekema
Inside Sales
'Contributing to sustainability worldwide'
Mariya Petrova
Junior Marketing Communications Specialist
'Contributing to sustainability awareness'
Hanna Pintusava
Communications Specialist
'Let's make our planet great again'
Aleksandr Novolokov
Medior Developer
'Better tools for better us'
Fatemeh Ramezani
Data Platform Developer
'Exploring knowledge behind the data'
Joachim Albers
Software Developer
'Developing an even more powerful tool'
Rutger Schurgers
Lead Developer
'Contributing to a better future'
Kristy Parhiala
Junior Software Developer
'Building tools that actualize sustainability'
Angela Evertsen-Wisse
'Achieving a more environmentally friendly world'
Lynette Moes
Administrative Officer
'Making our world a better place'
Margreet Riedstra
HR Manager
'Motivated people work the best'
Petra Kastermans
Office Assistant
'A more sustainable world starts with you!'
Mark Goedkoop
'Making transitions'
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