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'I believe that businesses and organizations across the world are rising to address the environmental challenges that we all face. Every day, companies are pushing new technologies, partnerships, and ideas that change the world we live in. We are connected today more than ever. The global community is now facing these challenges together.'
Cash is an experienced LCA practitioner and project manager with deep knowledge of environmental science. He has a proven record of helping broad stakeholder groups successfully navigate technical sustainability projects. Cash has a BA in Biological Sciences from Colorado College. He holds an MBA from the University of Arkansas.

He was formally trained as an environmental manager and an LCA practitioner at the University of Arkansas’ Applied Sustainability Center. There, he focused on large-scale food and agriculture LCA projects. He later joined the Sustainability Consortium, where he used his unique mix of business and scientific skills to successfully lead several international sustainability campaigns. His key achievements included the following:

• Managing the Food, Beverage, and Agriculture sector, the Measurement Sciences Working Group, and the IT Systems and Tools Working group
• Leading the Sustainability Consortium through the adoption and use of the GHG Protocol product standard
• Leading the effort to create the Life Cycle Impact Assessment Bookshelf

His areas of expertise include sustainable return on investment, sustainable supply chain collaboration, and sustainability performance.
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