Screening vs. ISO compliant study

Depending on your intended application and communication needs you can choose between a screening LCA or ISO compliant LCA.

Screening and ISO compliant LCA Consulting


Screening LCA

A screening LCA is suitable for internal communication purposes, for business to business communication and for decision making. It can help you identify ‘hotspots’ in your product life cycle, relevant activities and whether more in depth information is necessary. A screening LCA can take a matter of hours or days depending on the complexity of the product.


ISO compliant LCA

An ISO compliant LCA is recommended if you want to communicate the results of your study to the general public, especially if you want to make comparative assertions. Reporting follows the framework of the ISO 14040/44 standards. An ISO compliant LCA demands more in-depth data collection, data quality evaluation, interpretation and reporting according to the ISO standards, and a third part critical review.


PRé recommends always starting with a screening LCA and then upgrading to an ISO compliant LCA, if necessary. It is important to understand if the desired results are achieved before investing further.


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