Metrics Integration | Integrating Sustainability Metrics in Your Business

To create business value from sustainability, your business needs to integrate sustainability metrics across its business functions. You cannot improve what you can’t measure. PRé has the expertise required to help you choose the right metrics to improve your impacts and integrate sustainability into your day-to-day functioning.


Implementing Sustainability Metrics - Developing Your Own Strategy

Zeroing in on a customised sustainability strategy that works for your business takes three steps. PRé will collaborate closely with you throughout this process.


  • Understanding your objectives

What are your goals, ambitions and concerns? How is your sustainability performance right now? Understanding your objectives and starting point is a prerequisite for defining what metrics are relevant for you.


  • Selecting metrics

When your business objectives are clear, we will identify the metrics you need to prioritise. Selecting the right sustainability metrics for your business is the basis of business integration. 


  • Business Integration

We will build the knowledge and technical capacity within your company to be able to benefit from your priority metrics. We will focus our support and education on staff members developing the sustainability programme. Well-integrated sustainability metrics help staff make informed decisions, set realistic science-based goals and generate the data needed to achieve sustainability targets.


Metrics Integration Services

Metrics integration is a highly customised process, because a company’s business needs depend on its situation, goals, and priorities. Often, however, the metrics integration process focuses on a certain theme or priority, such as the following: 



Life Cycle Thinking is an effective strategy to tackle sustainability business challenges and to reach specific sustainability KPIs. Attend one of our Masterclasses:




Metrics Delivery - Measure your performance, be proud of your sustainability report

Metrics Pioneering - Sustainable innovation: embrace the transition



PRé offers several ways to assist you in integrating sustainability metrics into your business. Please contact Eric Mieras to discuss the consulting programmes, training and tools available to help you meet your sustainability goals.

“PRé was able to make complicated methodological concepts very clear for non-experts, which was really useful when they moderated the group of stakeholders, with different levels of understanding of LCA. This resulted in common understanding and team focus on the shared goals. PRé uses a pragmatic approach, keeping things practical and elegant, but basing their work on really robust, scientific methodology.” 

Jodie Bricout, Development Manager CAP’EM.
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“PRé has supported us expertly throughout the process of establishing our harmonised sector approach and the creation of the guidance documents, acting in a complex environment involving actors both in Europe and the USA. We appreciate PRé’s open and communicative approach and highly recommend their services.”

Mark Macaré, Public Affairs Manager, FINAT
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