Metrics Pioneering | Innovating New Metrics For New Challenges

Societal and stakeholder expectations for sustainability implementation in business are becoming more demanding. When new trends are increasingly influencing business, off-the-shelf metrics cannot help tackle the issues. PRé has extensive experience in metrics pioneering: implementing cutting-edge new metrics and developing completely new, scientifically sound and robust metrics to help you tackle new business challenges


Applying State-of-the-art Metrics To Your Business Strategy

Sparking a completely new metric or becoming an early adopter also provides a competitive advantage: it will allow your company to implement cutting-edge sustainability strategies, meet customer and stakeholder expectations and increase its brand leadership. Together, we can develop state-of-the-art metrics to support or apply new sustainability trends (like integrating SDGs to your strategy).


Our Work in New Sustainability Metrics

In PRé, you have a partner that supports your business in being a forerunner in sustainability. We have a comprehensive overview of the sustainability metrics landscape and a unique focus on Life Cycle Thinking. PRé prioritises innovation and R&D, and participates in and sponsors global networks and leading sustainability initiatives like The Sustainability Consortium and the European Environmental Footprint pilots (PEF/OEF). We have also initiated ground-breaking initiatives, like the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics. 




Additionaly, PRé has developed impact assessment methods for novel technologies, like PROSUITE; and multidisciplinary approaches for new LCA methodologies, like the Resource Extraction Method for LC-IMPACT. This positions us perfectly to support you in sustainability pioneering.


Metrics Delivery - Measure your performance, be proud of your sustainability report

Metrics Integration - Make fact-based choices to implement sustainable practices



If your business is struggling to answer questions that you cannot seem to come to grips with, the metric you need might not exist yet in the public eye. Please contact Mark Goedkoop to learn more about how we can assist you.

PRé supported DSM in developing the methodology for the People+ programme, in which DSM measures the social impact of its products from a life cycle perspective. This project inspired the start of the Roundtable for Social metrics, in which renowned companies are developing a methodology for social LCA.

People+ Programme, The Royal DSM
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