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SimaPro LCA software helps you turn your LCA expertise into business value: to empower solid decision-making, change your products’ life cycles for the better, and improve your company’s positive impact.

SimaPro is the professional tool you need to collect, analyse and monitor the sustainability performance data of your company’s products and services. The software can be used for life cycle assessment and a variety of other applications, such as sustainability reporting, carbon and water footprinting, product design, generating environmental product declarations and determining key performance indicators.


SimaPro was developed to help you use your LCA expertise to drive change – to provide the facts that are needed to create sustainable value. SimaPro has been the world’s leading LCA software package for 25 years. It is trusted by industry and academics in more than 80 countries.


We offer a variety of licences with no hidden costs to fit a wide range of business and educational needs. 



Why choose SimaPro?

  • Transparent - SimaPro is the only LCA software package that gives you full control of your LCA studies. That allows you to make conscious choices, do advanced calculations and avoid hidden assumptions. SimaPro provides complete transparency: you canlook into the databases and unit processes, uncover your entire supply network, easily zoom in on your results and track the source of impact to the smallest detail.

  • Cost effective - SimaPro is a science-based, cost-effective tool that offers solutions for any user, with a wide range of versions to fit the different needs of business and academia. SimaPro supports LCA and EPD and comes standard with a variety of LCI databases, such as ecoinvent v3, the sector-specific Agri-footprint database and ELCD. A service contract gives you full access to support and updates to software and databases.

  • Robust and reliable - SimaPro is based on the robust science of LCA, the leading method to measure product sustainability. It was built on 25 years of sustainability metrics thought leadership in major research and policy developments. That makes it the tool of choice for creating ISO-compliant LCAs (e.g. with ISO 14067 and 14040), EPDs and reports for industry, consultancies, universities and research institutes in more than 80 countries.


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SimaPro was developed by PRé Sustainability. All of our efforts are focused on helping you use facts to create value from sustainability, and drive sustainable change.


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