Social Footprint Programme | Towards Measuring, Improving And Communicating Your Social Impacts

The need to measure, act on and communicate social impacts is increasing. Although most large companies have well-established social compliance programmes that follow international standards, it has thus far been challenging to assess social sustainability at the product level.

Social Footprinting: The New Frontier In Sustainability

It can be difficult to obtain solid measurements of the effects your products have on individuals and communities. Social topics are qualitative and subjective in nature, product supply chains are complex, and only a limited amount of data is publicly available. PRé has developed the Social Footprint Programme to help you find your way.


Establishing Social Footprinting In Your Organisation

The Social Footprint Programme is an incremental programme for companies that want to start measuring and managing the social footprint of their products. The programme is intended to develop a solid knowledge base in your organisation and embed social footprinting in your business processes. By doing or revisiting the various blocks in any order you choose, you tailor the social footprint programme to match the needs of your company and its level of maturity in terms of social footprinting. You could also choose to do a single block of just a few, to focus the aspects of social sustainability in business that are most important right now.


The Programme Modules

The Social Footprint Programme consists of the following building blocks:

Product Social Footprint Training

Attend this 1-day training in Amersfoort. During the training you will learn how Social Footprint can help your business to better understand the social impacts of your product or service along its life cycle.The training will help you understand how to measure and visualise the positive and negative social impacts of your products. You will be able to identify points of excellence, improvement opportunities and the most relevant social impacts.


Why Choose PRé?

PRé has been at the forefront of product sustainability and life cycle thinking for more than twenty years. With state-of-the-art methodology and tools, PRé puts the metrics into sustainability to create business value. We serve organisations such as BMW, Philips, L’Oréal, Marks & Spencer, Interface, BASF, DSM and the European Commission, and have worked with many industries for years.


Roundtable For Product Social Metrics

Together with a group of multinational companies, PRé has developed a harmonised methodology for assessing the social impacts of products and services. The methodology is described in detail in the Handbook of the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics. Download the handbook.


Download the Handbook


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João Fontes
Social Sustainability Consultant