Sustainability consulting

Do you want to create more value for your business from sustainability? From marketing claims to eco-design, to purchasing, to innovation, we can help you clarify and achieve your goals. Join other leading companies and work with us to develop sustainability as an essential business capability.

Sustainability Consultancy


The key to value: selecting the right sustainability metrics

To successfully integrate sustainability in your company, our sustainability consulting services help you determine the right sustainability metrics for you.


  • METRICS DELIVERY | Reach your communications goals and meet your stakeholder expectations with our metrics delivery services, designed to help you measure and communicate your environmental performance.
  • METRICS INTEGRATION | Build integrated sustainability practices with our metrics integration services, designed to help you select sustainability KPIs and build the infrastructure to make your sustainability strategy come true.
  • METRICS PIONEERING | Innovate through sustainability and anticipate major trends with our metrics pioneering services: state-of-the-art sustainability methods and strategies that help you innovate with your sustainable product portfolio.


Sustainability consulting for your business needs

From marketing claims to eco-design, to purchasing, to innovation. We can help you integrate sustainability at all levels, as we have done for a wide range of industries and businesses.


"To DSM, the collaboration with PRé is positive, constructive and fruitful. We are pleased to have PRé as advisors, sparring partners and team members on board, and to continue building on the relationship for the coming years"

Jacobine Das Gupta, Director Brighter Living Solutions, DSM
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Together we make sustainability work

PRé has been offering sustainability and environmental consulting for 25 years now, helping companies around the world improve their environmental performance through fact-based methods.


Work with us to clarify your goals, develop effective strategies and integrate sustainability in supply chain, product development or organisation.


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