Life cycle assessment to measure performance

Your company knows your products better than anyone. But do you know how you are actually performing in terms of sustainability, or how you can best report on your sustainability efforts? Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a fact-based sustainability methodology that can help you determine your performance, identify improvement opportunities and communicate the relevant facts with your departments to create buy-in or help shape a strategy.

Life Cycle Assessment to measure performance


Measurable and concrete environmental impacts

Good life cycle assessment results can offer concrete, actionable and transparent insights to help departments make better decisions around sustainability.


A small-scale LCA is a great way to improve your internal communication around sustainability and help you find quick improvement opportunities.


The best life cycle assessment results come from peer reviewed, fully documented, ISO-compliant studies. A full-scale LCA will allow you to communicate data gaps, subjective choices and uncertainties in a clear and concise way.


Life cycle assessment consultancy

PRé can help you do both these types of LCA. Or, if you already have the capacity for small-scale LCA, we can help you transition to full ISO-compliant LCA capability. This will unlock new ways to quantify, categorise and monitor environmental impacts.


In each type of environmental impact assessment, it is essential to give some thought to the robustness of your conclusions. We can help you with that by providing sensitivity analyses and, if necessary, uncertainty analyses.


Regardless of your level of LCA expertise, we will work together to determine the most significant impacts for your business and establish a baseline for your sustainability goals and communication. Our consultancy team has years of experience with all types of LCA studies.


LCA methodology to reduce impacts and improve sustainability

Learn more about how the LCA methodology can help to pinpoint improvement opportunities and reduce environmental impacts.


Other environmental impact assessment services

PRé offers even more services, tailored to businesses with clear sustainability goals and specific sustainability questions. We can help you set up metrics and methodologies, provide a thorough periodic review to ensure your metrics are still fit-for-purpose, and streamline communications formats and channels. For our full range of practical consulting services, please take a look at our metrics delivery page.

"PRé was able to make complicated methodological concepts very clear for non-experts, which was really useful when they moderated the group of stakeholders, with different levels of understanding of LCA. This resulted in common understanding and team focus on the shared goals. PRé uses a pragmatic approach, keeping things practical and elegant, but basing their work on really robust, scientific methodology."

Jodie Bricout, Development Manager CAP’EM
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"PRé delivered an LCA and a Material Circularity Assessment of hand drying systems and other sanitary supplies. The work delivered was of high quality. The study was very data intensive and there are a lot of references in the report. For me, this type of assessment was new. Yet, the report is clear and understandable for laymen. It fully met the expectations and we can really use the results in practice. The goal of the study was to support our decision for sanitary supplies. It is interesting to see that, based on this study, we are now going for a different choice than we had anticipated on beforehand. This study helped us in making and substantiating a choice. I expect that we will frequently use this study to explain the choices we have made."

Jeroen Vermetten, Category Manager Cleaning Services, Dutch Central Government


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