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A footprint of your corporate sustainability will help you map your sustainability strategy and identify where to improve at the process level. As a result, you will be able to reduce your impacts, risks and costs, make better use of your resources and build your reputation with your customers. If you already have measured the environmental impacts of your products through a full-scale ISO 14001-compliant LCA, you already have everything you need to take the next step and map the benefits of a corporate sustainability footprint for your organisation

Corporate Sustainability Consulting


The right corporate sustainability approach for you

There are many ways to approach corporate sustainability, and the first step of our consulting service is to look into the needs of your organisation. A good footprinting approach is in line with your current sustainability initiative and goals and helps you refine those and reduce your impacts.


A corporate footprint is a comprehensive multi-criteria analysis. Potential elements of corporate sustainability we will consider:

  • Reporting standards such as GRI (an accepted corporate sustainability reporting standard), the Greenhouse Gas Protocol or the Material Circularity Indicator
  • Use of resources such as energy and water
  • Employee policy and the results on employee behaviour
  • Processes (manufacturing, service offerings, etc)
  • Waste streams
  • Use of the Organisational Environmental Footprint (OEF) guidelines, a new analysis methodology that is part of the European Comission's Environmetal Footprint (EF) Initiative


What fact-based corporate sustainability can do for your business strategy and brand value

PRé is a pioneer in the field of sustainability metrics. We have worked on a corporate sustainability level for years, with big multinationals such as Unilever, BASF and DSM and with companies in a wide range of industries. We have been part of the European Commission’s Product and Organisational Footprinting Initiative since the very start, which makes us highly qualified to help you lift your corporate sustainability strategy to the next level with standardised, consistent and fact-based methodologies. 


Our experts can also help you calculate and improve other footprints, such as for water, carbon and social impacts, to provide even more input for business strategy and marketing.


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"We have been working together for many years developing our understanding of the Life Cycle impacts of our products and generating LCA studies. From our initial contacts I have been pleased and impressed with the collaborative approach to delivering our projects and the depth of understanding and concise advice given."

Andrew Bragg, Global Sustainability Manager, Lucite International
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