CSR reporting: build your sustainability communication and brand reputation

Great sustainability reports are good for your brand value – they show that you acknowledge that your company is part of a larger ecosystem. Your customers deserve and appreciate transparent and ethical communications. By following international standards, you can generate evidence-based CSR reports that your customers will be happy to trust and that your marketing department can use to make well-substantiated, relevant sustainability claims. Investing in standards-compliant LCA is a great way to drive your brand reputation and make a meaningful impact on the sustainability of your products and services.

CSR reporting and brand reputation


Fortify your reputation with your company CSR activities

Customers are increasingly choosing sustainable products and organisations, and they expect information about how your company tackles its corporate social responsibility (CSR). What are the social and environmental impacts of the products or services they purchase? How can you show these impacts in CSR reports?


If your sustainability claims are not supported by evidence, they can be considered greenwashing. Being caught while not having the facts is risky in an era of viral social media sharing. However, if you have accurate facts and metrics at hand to make your sustainability claims, this can be a real competitive advantage that fortifies your reputation. 


What can we do for your CSR reporting?

If you take your CSR seriously, you will agree that it is vital to implement the right sustainability metrics. At PRé, we have vast experience in using sustainability metrics to strengthen business reputations and substantiate communication. We can provide targeted metrics and expert knowledge to help you in CSR reporting.


Effective, transparent sustainability communication requires company-wide support for your goals. In addition to CSR reporting, PRé offers a wide range of sustainability services, such as strategic-level consulting that helps you define and clarify your sustainability goals. An overview of our consulting services can be found on our sustainability consulting page.


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PRé and Holland Colours mapped the improvement in environmental performance of the company's products, achieved through insightful life cycle assessments. Holland colours uses these findings for internal and external communication, which helps increase their stakeholder's engagement.

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