Monitor your environmental performance indicators - track your progress

When you are trying to become more sustainable, it is very tempting to dive in and make changes without performing a baseline measurement of your current practice and environmental performance indicators. Unfortunately, that’s a common beginner’s mistake. Luckily, the solution is easy.

Monitoring and reporting


To keep an eye on how much more sustainable your company or your product has become after you made improvements, you need monitoring for your environmental performance indicators.


Once you know how your environmental performance indicators are doing, you have a great basis for building your reputation. We can help you set up your monitoring system, so you can get started with enjoying the results: prioritising future activities, responding to new sustainability trends and communicating your progress to customers.


What we can do for you

Our consultants can help you set up and execute a monitoring process for your environmental performance indicators. For instance, we can:

  • Automatically link your yearly figures to the Life Cycle model of your products
  • Enable automatic report generation based on the latest numbers
  • Identify improvement opportunities in your data collection efforts
  • Reconcile your monitoring results and environmental performance indicators with the right reporting practices and standards for your company, such as ISO 14040 and EPDs


To do this, we will build a flexible, reusable LCA model for you, that can easily be used to generate the latest results. You can use the model yourself if you want, or let our consultants do the monitoring for you!


Contact our consultants to get started.

"For several years now, we have had an ongoing relationship with PRé. Each year, a dedicated consultant calculates the CO2 reduction achieved by recycling electronic devices. We use the data for awareness campaigns in various communication channels. We are very happy with PRé's accuracy and professionality."

Hendrik Bijker, Manager Participants Business & Projects, Wecycle


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