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Collecting the data you need for a robust and effective sustainability strategy can be complex and daunting, due to the variety of sustainability data formats. We can provide you with sustainability data collection tools and services that support your sustainability indicators and goals.

Sustainability Data Collection and Management


Let us help you with your data collection challenges

There are many different sustainability data formats, and spending too little or too much time gathering data is a real risk. Our experience and expertise will guide you through:


  • Sustainability data conversion from and into different formats
  • Accurate and robust data collection
  • Targeted collection that does not gather unnecessary sustainability data
  • Minimal inconvenience to data suppliers
  • A wide range of sustainability tools, including online portals and pre-made data templates


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For UNEP, PRé surveyed retailers in different countries and conducted a comprehensive literature review about sustainability value chain management. Knowing what value chain management strategies retailers use helps guide improvement.

Sustainability Mapping of Retailers’ Value Chain, UNEP
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