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Metrics pioneering | Look beyond just meeting stakeholder expectations. Leading companies are increasingly embracing the transition to sustainable innovation. To do so, you'll need new business models, new policies and perhaps even new sustainable methodologies. With PRé’s extensive experience in this kind of pioneering, we are ready to help you face these challenges.

Sustainable innovation in your products, strategy and organisation

Sustainable innovation can provide a competitive advantage on all levels of your organization. Of course, exciting sustainable products can help you gain market share. But implementing cutting-edge sustainability strategies also offers a different advantage: it increases your brand leadership. Together, we can make your company ready to embrace sustainable innovation.


A history of innovative sustainability

In PRé, you have a partner that supports you in being a forerunner in sustainability. We know the sustainability landscape inside and out, and our unique focus on life cycle thinking provides a robust, scientific basis for all we do.


We have a strong presence in the impact assessment methods development field, developing novel technologies and multidisciplinary approaches. We have a long history in prioritising sustainable innovation and R&D, and have started and participated in several global networks and leading initiatives:


Our experience in these future-oriented initiatives positions us perfectly to help you integrate new sustainability developments, policies and trends into your business: social sustainability, biodiversity, toxicity, new business models and so much more.


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Are you struggling with the integration of new sustainability KPIs in the usual business models? Then you may be ready to fully embrace sustainable innovation. Please contact PRé’s founder Mark Goedkoop to learn more about how we can assist you. 

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PRé supported DSM in developing the methodology for the People+ programme, in which DSM measures the social impact of its products from a life cycle perspective. This project inspired the start of the Roundtable for Social metrics, in which renowned companies are developing a methodology for social LCA.

People+ Programme, The Royal DSM
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Mark Goedkoop
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