Product environmental footprinting - the new European standard

Join the future of sustainability and start doing product environmental footprints (PEF). Unlike a carbon or water footprint, which measures only one thing, an environmental footprint is a useful multi-indicator measure of your impacts. With product environmental footprint studies, you can identify trade-offs and make even better strategic decisions.

Product Environmental Footprint Standard - European Commission


Product Environmental Footprinting consultancy

PEF studies are very new. Our product environmental footprinting consultancy is here to support you. We can do PEF studies for your products, so you know where you stand. Or we can help you build in-house PEF capacity and review your initial PEF studies. If you want to do even more with PEF, we can support you in developing a PEFCR for your products or do an environmental footprint of your entire organisation.


Gain competitive advantage - know where you are at European benchmarking

The rules for PEF studies were developed by the European Commission, so you can use them to compare your products to similar products or to the European benchmark. This gives you competitive advantage and credibility.


Science-based assessment

The product environmental footprint methodology is based on LCA, so it is robust and science-based. Like a regular LCA, a PEF study measures all quantifiable environmental impacts over the life cycle of your product, including emissions to water, air and soil, resource use and depletion, and impacts from land and water use. However, it has more stringent rules than a regular LCA; and may have product category-specific rules; all determined by the European Commission.  


The result: Robust results that are aligned with the European standards and can be used for product benchmarking.


Get ready for PEF - contact us

PRé’s consultants have been working with the European Commission for years on PEF development. We acted as part of the Technical Helpdesk testing product environmental footprint rules, have done many preliminary PEF studies and participate in the creation and distribution of PEF-compliant datasets. Furthermore, we lead the consortium that is developing the benchmark products and organisations, and reviewed 40 supporting studies in the European Commission’s PEF pilot phase.


Do you want to learn more about how we can support your PEF-related activities? Please contact Marisa Vieira or Laura Golsteijn or fill in the form below.

Part of the European Commission’s Environmental Footprinting initiative is a comprehensive test of its developed Environmental Footprint rules with real products. PRé and Ecomatters reviewed 40 studies, uncovering useful information that helped the European Commission EF initiative to refine the rules.

PEF supporting studies review - European Commission
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"The PEF/OEF Pilot phase was a big challenge for a small industry like leather, but with the support and assistance provided through the Commission from experts like PRé Sustainability, there was no need to worry!"

Gustavo Gonzalez-Quijano, Secretary General, COTANCE


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