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The need to measure, act on and communicate social impacts is increasing. When looking at sustainability, we are no longer limited to our impacts on the physical environment. Companies also affect the social environment, for better or for worse, and consumers increasingly want to know a product’s social sustainability. What if you could do a footprint for that, like with carbon or water?

Social Sustainability and Footprint Consulting


Explore the new frontier: social footprinting

Of course your business activities affect social sustainability, and companies around the world are increasingly interested in taking their responsibility in an era of viral communications. But how can you quantify the effect that a single product has on individuals and communities?


Roundtable For Product Social Metrics

To deal with this multi-dimensional question, PRé and a group of leading companies developed a harmonised methodology for assessing the social impacts of products and services. This social footprinting methodology is based on life cycle assessment and provides a fact-based analysis of the social impacts of your products throughout their life cycle.


This pioneering method is very interesting for companies with a mature sustainability strategy.

Product Social Footprint Training

During the training you will learn how Social Footprint can help your business to better understand the social impacts of your product or service along its life cycle.The training will help you understand how to measure and visualise the positive and negative social impacts of your products. You will be able to identify points of excellence, improvement opportunities and the most relevant social impacts.


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