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At PRé, we develop software and tools that help you create value from sustainability, comply with regulations and drive sustainable change. It all started nearly 30 years ago with the development of SimaPro, now the world's leading sustainability and LCA software. Drawing from that experience, we now develop expert tailored tools to help you make your sustainability goals measurable and actionable.


SimaPro, the world's leading sustainability software

Our flagship product, SimaPro, has been the world’s leading LCA and sustainability software for nearly 30 years. It is trusted by industry and academics in more than 80 countries. With SimaPro, you can:


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Tailor-made sustainability software for specific business goals

If you have a project for which no off-the-shelf software solution is available anywhere, we can develop a tailored tool that produces exactly the results you are looking for. PRé has developed many sustainability software tools for our clients, perfectly tailored to their needs. Here are a few examples:

  • Pesticide Footprint tool to determine pesticide-related toxicity impacts
  • BioScope tool for measuring biodiversity impacts in the supply chain
  • A suite of supply chain and product sustainability tools for the Sustainable Apparel Coalition
  • Online LCA tool BRE LINA, providing a straightforward route to compliant EPDs in the construction sector
  • CAP'EM Compass – a free online tool that architects and other stakeholders can use to compare environmental performance of eco-materials and conventional building materials
  • A climate add-on to the mandatory KringloopWijzer indicator, allowing over 16,000 dairy farmers to independently calculate their GHG emissions

Make custom sustainability software work for you

Our consultancy skills and decades of experience with developing sustainability software make us a great partner for your sustainable development project. The expertise and life cycle thinking that has made SimaPro successful is part and parcel of our software development approach.


Our tailored tool development process is very quick, thanks to an approach that combines standardisation and customisation. We always work in close collaboration, involving your end users from the start. This ensures that we produce a reliable, user-friendly solution that is fully tailored to your needs.


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