Environmentally sustainable design

If you start looking at sustainability concerns in the design phase, you have an excellent opportunity to achieve more sustainable product development. For environmentally sustainable design, you need to understand how your choices influence the environment and what difference the various design options make.

Environmentally sustainable design


Sustainable innovation starts with sustainable design

Choices that you make early on in the design process, such as materials and production techniques, have a large influence on the environmental sustainability of your designs.  It's important to know how much influence each variable has. With life cycle assessment (LCA), you can determine the environmental impact of your product throughout its life cycle and see how different product design choices lead to different results.


Eco-design: using LCA for environmentally sustainable design

We can help you assess your impacts at product level and pinpoint the hot spots in your environmentally sustainable design from the very start. There are several excellent ways to assess environmentally sustainable product designs:

  • LCA screening: quick, efficient LCA for internal communication. An easy way to find out the hot spots in your design variations.
  • ISO-compliant LCAs: a bigger LCA study to communicate your innovation results to consumers. We can help you set up and do the study.
  • SimaPro training: learn to do your own LCAs and compare the impacts of design variations more quickly. We offer general and customised courses.

In each of these cases, it is essential to evaluate the robustness of your conclusions. We can help you by providing sensitivity and uncertainty analyses.


Work with the experts

Many sustainable product designers have used LCA to gain insight into the environmental impact of their innovations. PRé has been a pioneer in the field of sustainability for years, working in many industries and with companies such as Unilever, Heineken, BASF and DSM


Get in touch and shape your environmentally sustainable design

We offer a wide range services to help you with sustainable innovation, such as assessing your designs or developing your in-house life cycle assessment capacity. Get in touch with us to discuss your eco-design challenges and goals.

"We have been working together for many years developing our understanding of the Life Cycle impacts of our products and generating LCA studies. From our initial contacts I have been pleased and impressed with the collaborative approach to delivering our projects and the depth of understanding and concise advice given."

Andrew Bragg, Global Sustainability Manager, Lucite International
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