Improve your sustainability strategy with fact-based goals

Implementing a sustainability strategy is a rewarding, but complex process. Set yourself up for success by mapping your situation and your business goals, assessing your sustainability performance and integrating an effective sustainability strategy into your business.

Sustainability Strategy with Fact-based Goals

Good sustainability strategy requires fact-based goals

Every effective sustainability strategy is founded on fact-based set goals. To monitor the progress you are making, set targets for the next steps and communicate your performance gains, you need keen insight into your organisation’s sustainability performance. We can help you by supporting you with the fundamentals: defining a clear vision, setting fact-based sustainability KPIs to match your values and goals and creating solid internal commitment.


Expert strategic help

We can help you create a solid foundation for your organisation’s sustainability strategy:

  • Defining KPIs – well-chosen sustainable KPIs match your organisation’s values, ensure that your goals remain realistic and achieve a sustainable return on investment.
  • Maintaining the course – a solid overview of your sustainable performance, so you can draw the right conclusions.
  • Creating commitment – disseminating the results of your sustainability strategy in a format that speaks to your audience.


More sustainability services

We can help you with a wide range of sustainability services on all levels, from the highly strategic to the immediately practical. See the overview on our sustainability consulting page or talk to our consultants to find out which type of consulting best suits your business needs.


Work with the experts

PRé is a pioneer in the field of sustainability strategy and metrics. We serve organisations and institutes such as the European Commission, European Space Agency, Heineken, CAP’EM, BASF and DSM and have worked for many industries for years.


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PRé supported DSM in developing the methodology for the People+ programme, in which DSM measures the social impact of its products from a life cycle perspective. This project inspired the start of the Roundtable for Social metrics, in which renowned companies are developing a methodology for social LCA.

People+ Programme, The Royal DSM
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Convenience store chain Kum & Go requested a full supply chain scan to analyse their environmental impacts. PRé was able to identify which links in the supply chain caused the largest impacts, even when these links were not evident by expenditure purchases alone. Through this successful screening, Kum & Go was able to expand its sustainability programme and prioritise the opportunities for improvement in a cost-effective way.

Supply Chain Scan to Expand a Sustainability Programme, Kum & Go
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Anne Gaasbeek
Anne Gaasbeek
Senior Consultant
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