LCA training: become more relevant and effective in business

Many LCA and sustainability practitioners run into the same questions in their day-to-day work. How do I communicate my results better? How do I get my colleagues to work with me? The two-day LCA training to become more relevant and effective in business will empower you to make a larger impact. Attend one of the free webinars to find out what the course is about.

While LCA is a robust tool for understanding the impact of products and is used by thousands of companies, it still hasn’t become mainstream in business processes. This leads to a few common struggles for LCA and sustainability practitioners: the rest of the company seems to have trouble understanding your results, colleagues don’t share your priorities, and you feel like you could make a more relevant contribution to the sustainability choices of your company. PRé has developed the new Empowerment LCA training course to help empower you to resolve the typical issues you run into in your work.


Five keys to bring LCA into the board room

You will learn to work with our five-step approach to increase your personal impact as an LCA or sustainability practitioner.


Take-home insights from the Empowerment LCA training course

  • You will feel empowered. You will learn what you need to become a champion in your field, how to develop your personal attitude, how to increase your self-awareness, and how to use tools such as a personal SWOT to seize opportunities and increase your impact.
  • You will feel connected. You will discover more information about the people you work with and all your relevant stakeholders  : their mindsets, goals, needs and communication styles. You will learn how to use this new knowledge effectively to improve your work. You will also learn how to connect your own work and goals to the company’s goals, how to get management support, and how to influence various types of decision-making processes.
  • You will feel purposeful. You will get insight into the internal and external pressures in the sustainability arena for your company, and into your company’s sustainability strategy and sustainability KPIs. This will help you increase your contribution and impact.


Information & registration

This two-day LCA training course was developed for LCA and sustainability practitioners working in business environments who want to increase their impact in sustainability. The course will be held in small groups with a maximum of 12 people.

  • Basic knowledge of life cycle thinking is required. There will also be preparatory homework.
  • Enjoy 10% discount if you register with two people or more.
  • For in-house training tailored to your organisation, please contact our consultants.
  • To book the course or get more information about the registration conditions, costs, location and date, please check the training calendar.


Coaching circles follow-up

As a follow-up to this course, PRé offers to organise coaching circles for your LCA or sustainability department, either solely within your organization or in combination with other companies. Coaching circles are a series of sessions where LCA and sustainability practitioners can discuss topics that are relevant to creating business impact. This will help you keep applying and increasing the take-home insights of the LCA Empowerment course. The sessions can be organised online (in webinar format) or in person. For more information about using coaching circles to facilitate continuous learning. 


30-minute webinar

In our free 30-minute webinar we will give you a glimpse of the work we do empowering LCA and Sustainability practitioners. Learn from your peers and get to know how the Empowerment LCA training course can help you to answer questions about how to connect your work to your corporate goals, what your clients want and expect from you, how to get support from other departments and how to communicate results in an effective way. We will be delighted to learn about your situation and answer your questions. Contact Eric Mieras.


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