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Looking Forward to an Inspired 2013
A Standard of Flexibility: Businesses and Social Metrics
Philips's Commitment to Social Metrics
Interview: Meet our Partner CADIS
The Scope of Social Sustainability Metrics
PRĂ© and DSM at the New Metrics Conference
Sneak Peek: Introducing Metrics Integration Consultancy Service
The Social Pioneers Roundtable
Column: How Much Does a Tear Weigh? by Beatrice Bortolozzo

It’s an exciting time in the sustainability field. I believe the most important trend in 2012 was the emergence and growth of business sector initiatives such as the Sustainable Apparell Coalition, The BIER coalitions and several others, next to the refocusing of the Sustainability Consortium. These consortia will be important game changers in the field of LCA and product reporting systems, like EPD’s. Not only do they seem to be good in being very efficient and reducing unnecessary complexities, they are clearly also broadening the scope of assessments.


Social sustainability is becoming increasingly important to companies across the globe. Stakeholders recognize the need for companies to improve communities on a global and local level. Social sustainability is fast becoming a must for businesses wishing to succeed, and PRé is becoming again a thought leader in these initiatives, by initiating the Social Pioneers Roundtable, which will bring together companies who wish to make a difference. We will work with them to develop and verify metrics in a joined approach, much like we did in the last decades when we developed Eco-indicator 95/99 and ReCiPe 2008. Like before we will not attempt to own these methods, but inspire others to build on this.


In this last edition of 2012, you can read about the latest in social metrics, our Social Pioneers Roundtable, our renewed value proposition, our partners, and more in this latest issue of our newsletter. We look forward to tkeeping you informed about our improvements in our 2013 Sustainable News editions as well.


We hope you enjoy reading! And even more we hope this contributes to an inspired and fruitful 2013; a year in which we all should try to make a difference.


Mark Goedkoop, Founder PRé



A pioneer in the LCA field, PRé is now expanding into the exciting arena of social metrics. To that end, PRé has conceived of a Social Pioneers Roundtable, to encourage participation and discussion among businesses. “We’ve talked with several companies who have similar concerns, we let them talk with each other and realize that they are not alone, that we’re all struggling with the same issues,” regarding social sustainability, said PRé founder Mark Goedkoop of the initiative, which will include participants like Philips, Goodyear, and DSM.


“We’ll make an inventory of methods, and through this joint effort, we will work to get a flexible agreement that reflects every company’s business objective,” Goedkoop said. “Together we’ll develop a standard of flexibility for social sustainability.”

We spoke with Markus Laubscher, senior scientist and sustainable innovation expert at Philips, to find out about the company’s long-standing commitment to social issues, and their particular aspirations for the Social Pioneers Roundtable.


Among other relevant roles at Philips in the fields of science and sustainability, Laubscher is part of the core team that developed the Philips Sustainable Innovation Strategies. He is also involved in parallel projects related to sustainability, such as the developing of a malaria diagnostic tool and appropriate home products for customers in the Bottom of the Pyramid segment.

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By combining their academic backgrounds with business expertise, Mexico-based sustainability consulting firm CADIS works with governments, universities, and corporations to meet their sustainability needs. With a focus on scientific based, integral sustainability implementation, CADIS is bringing long-term sustainable change to Latin America. As a result, a very practical approach to social sustainability. We talked with Nydia Suppen, founder and ambassadress of the firma.



Most companies limit social metrics to the upstream part of their value chains. The focus is usually on social audits of suppliers’ working conditions and human rights violations. So, what is really the typical scope of social sustainability metrics?

The trend

Important developments are now occurring. More attention is been given to the development of the relationship with suppliers and the engagement of external stakeholders, which will potentially replace the large number of redundant questionnaires and inspections these groups must generally deal with. In addition, there are now more tools available to support social assessments, and even further developments continue to take place at companies and in academia.

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Over the last 20 years, methods have been developed to support product sustainability assessments, but with a focus on environmental impacts. Only minimal attention has been given to social impacts. But now this landscape is changing: Head to any sustainability conference these days and the hot topic is social metrics and sustainability. PRé is at the forefront of this exciting new field, developing new strategies to measure and improve social sustainability.

It is an exciting time at PRé Consultants, as we welcome Simon Evitts, consultancy director, to our company. Simon will spearhead a new collaboration, an LCA and sustainability metrics-focused organization that also supports clients wishing to integrate metrics into their everyday business activities. Simon has contributed his unique perspective to PRé’s existing framework, to better serve clients who need metrics in all aspects of their day-to-day business life. Sustainability is a must for the businesses of today and PRé can help you succeed, sustainably.


Simon Evitts: Why is integrating metrics so important right now? There is a growing and fundamental shift in the mindset of how organizations approach sustainability. These changes are being driven by a number of inexorable global trends, which I would tempt to categorize into the following:


PRé has a long history of supporting product sustainability with a focus on environmental issues, from developing methods to making tools available to a wide range of organizations. One relatively new demand has emerged over the past few years was posed by frontrunners who want 

to help their companies to go beyond the norm by addressing social sustainability in a similar way.


João Fontes, LCM Consultant for PRé, talks about the fundaments to begin and continue to work on this initiative.

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Column: Beatrice Bortolozzo, 2B Consultants, Partner in Italy

People, planet, and profit are considered the three pillars of sustainability. We can define economic and environmental sustainability, and metrics and indicators exist for both. But social sustainability relates to the quality of life.


What is “quality of life”?



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