Developing a Range of Tools for Sustainable Product Development in the Apparel Industry

For SAC, a global alliance of apparel, footwear and home textile companies, PRé developed three tools for sustainable product development. The tools focus on material sustainability, ecodesign and data gathering.


Tools To Manage The Global Age

Like many industries, the apparel, footwear, and home textile sector is now mostly global, which means they deal with international supply chains and complex assessments of product sustainability. Alliances such as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) can do much good by creating and sharing sector-specific tools and databases. Building on their Higg Index tools, SAC now requested three more tools.


A Focus On Materials, Design And Data

For SAC, PRé built three tools: the Material Sustainability Index, the Design and Development Module and the Data Contributor. With these tools, SAC members and other interested parties have more accessible ways to focus on product and material sustainability in their ecodesign approach, including working efficiently with quality data sources. For more information, please read the full case study [PDF].

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