SimaPro and LCA: Essentials

This SimaPro training course provides you with a good understanding of the LCA methodology as well as how to carry out an LCA study using SimaPro. During the training, you will analyse and compare two complete product environmental footprints. After the SimaPro training, you will have the skills to conduct your own LCA studies independently. If you want to learn on a more advanced level, please check the Essentials+InDepth training.


Training topics: 


LCA methodology  

  • Goal and scope definition: you will learn to define the objectives and scope of your study and understand the implications of your methodological choices.
  • Inventory analysis: you will understand the difference between process and input-output data, learn about various data sources and get tips on how to effectively collect data.
  • Impact assessment: you will get insight into the four different steps of impact assessment, what each step allows you to do in terms of decision-making and learn how to select the most appropriate method.
  • Interpretation: you will learn how to check if your conclusions are valid and robust by applying a number of recommended interpretation steps.


SimaPro training practice

  • Goal and scope definition: you will learn how to model multi-output processes and different end of life recovery approaches in SimaPro.
  • Inventory analysis: you will learn how to model your life cycle effectively in SimaPro as well as how you can adapt secondary data to fit your purposes.
  • Impact assessment: you will learn how to get more from an impact assessment method in SimaPro and how to select a default method for your calculations.
  • Interpretation: you will learn how to use all of the interpretation features in SimaPro to help you achieve your study objectives.


The online course is provided in the afternoon on business days. Please note that the registration will be closed one week before the training date. 

Training When Where  
SimaPro and LCA: Essentials
Sep 16-22 Online FULL
SimaPro and LCA: Essentials
Nov 18-24 Online Register

Sep 16-22 | SimaPro and LCA: Essentials
Sep 16-25 | SimaPro and LCA: In-Depth
Oct 5-9 | Product Environmental Footprint
Nov 18-24 | SimaPro and LCA: Essentials
Nov 18-27 | SimaPro and LCA: In-Depth
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