Triangle Tool

How do you decide whether option A is preferable to option B?

A simple decision support tool

The Triangle Tool is a simple decision support tool for evaluating weighting sets.


  • The Triangle Tool shows you which combination of weighting factors, make option A preferable to option B, and vice versa.
  • The Triangle Tool does not solve weighting issues, it still remains a subjective process, but it does help decision makers evaluate to what extent results depend on the chosen weighting set.
  • The Triangle tool is embedded in our LCA software SimaPro.


Triangle Tool was developed within the Eco-indicator 99 project, but can be used for any weighting sets. It is based on a concept developed by Patrick Hofstetter, Arthur Braunschweig, Thomas Mettier, Ruedi Müller-Wenk and Olav Tietje, as published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology.


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