SimaPro | Updates for Software and Database

The software and database updates to SimaPro 8 with ecoinvent 3 are now available. Download the update using the link below. Note that a valid service contract or temporary license is required to install the update.

Please read the update instructions carefully. Perform the software update first, then install and import the database update into your current database.


SimaPro 8 software and database update



If you are updating from SimaPro 7

  • First, please check if you can see the libraries shown in the screenshot below in your SimaPro library section (your version of SimaPro can contain more libraries).


  • If you do not have version 2.2 for both the ecoinvent unit and system libraries, please download and import the SimaPro 7.3.3 update database prior to updating to SimaPro 8:
  1. Database update instructions to 7.3.3 (PDF)

  2. SimaPro 7.3.3 Update database (81 MB exe file)
  • If you have version 2.2 for both the ecoinvent unit and system libraries, please proceed with the update to SimaPro 8 using the full update instructions.



Report Maker

SimaPro Report Maker is an add-on which allows you to create graphs and tables in MS Word and MS Excel (2010 or later versions). You can keep these updated as you change your model and data in SimaPro, which saves you a lot of time!  If you still work with Office 2007, please contact us for a compatible version.


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