Water Footprint Consulting – Reducing Your Impact On Water Scarcity

Companies are increasingly being held responsible for their impacts, including their water impacts. Water footprinting gives you the insight you need to make improvements in your company’s impact on water scarcity. PRé can help you get started with this challenging methodology.

Improve Your Use Of A Scarce Resource

A water footprint is a measure of how much water your business uses and which direct and indirect environmental impacts result from this. Freshwater is a scarce resource: its annual availability is limited and demand is growing. Water is unequally distributed, and in several areas humanity’s water footprint has exceeded sustainable levels.


Calculating the water footprint for your business or products allows you to assess the potential environmental impacts your business activities have on water. Those insights can help you find and address water use hotspots more efficiently. You might choose to reduce your operational water footprint by saving water within business processes or reduce your supply chain water footprint by choosing suppliers who work according to certain standards.


Helping You Make Sense Of Water Footprinting 

Water footprinting can be challenging, because there currently is no best practice. The inventory data and methods are still being developed. PRé’s water footprinting consulting can guide you through the different approaches and help you select the right method to meet your goals. We also provide companies with complete water footprint assessments on request. During a consulting process, we’ll analyse:

  • How your water use affects the environment.
  • How this impact is distributed over your life cycle stages.
  • Which processes and activities significantly contribute to your water footprint.
  • What to target for improvement and how to use this information to engage with your suppliers.

Are you interested in assessing your company’s water use impacts yourself? Then take a look at SimaPro, the first LCA software package that offers all the necessary tools for water footprinting in one place.


Why Choose PRé?

PRé was actively involved in developing ISO 14046, the only currently accepted water footprint standard, and has the expertise to conduct ISO-certified product water footprints. PRé is also a member of the Water Footprint Network, allowing us to apply the water footprinting guidelines they provide.

A major jewellery manufacturer wanted to conduct life cycle assessments (LCA) for two popular metal rings to gain additional insight into its supply chain and establish baselines for comparison to similar products. Through these LCA studies, our client created a benchmark for comparison, gained an understanding of the relative impact of metals sourced from different global regions and discovered the importance of the retail stage.

Life Cycle Assessment, Luxury Jewelry Manufacturer


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