Webinars: Expert training sessions

Join our new webinar series, geared to help life cycle assessment (LCA) practitioners develop a deeper understanding and more advanced practice of LCA topics. During the training sessions, you will learn the latest developments in LCA and new methods to address relevant topics. After this training, you will have the skill to apply this new knowledge and do your own LCA studies.

Expert LCA Topics

Each webinar takes 2 to 3 hours and covers both theory and practice on the following issues:


  • Water Footprint.

What is a water footprint? What are the benefits of doing a water footprint in SimaPro? What data and methods are available there? How do I use SimaPro to do a water footprint? 


  • Recycling in LCA.

How do we adapt LCA in order to make the method valuable and correct to assess products and materials in a circular economy?


  • LCA for Furniture.

The furniture sector is from origin creative and innovative, proving an interesting basis for ecodesign activities. Besides ecodesign, LCA is also applied for environmental communication (e.g. EPDs). This webinar gives an overview of the application of LCA in the furniture sector. 


  • LCA in business.

How can I make sure LCA 'lands' better in an organisation? What are the success factors for integrating LCA in a company and creating value from it?


Training information


One webinar costs €350. An hour-long private follow-up session with the trainer costs an additional €250. If you register for two or more webinars at the same time, you receive a 10% discount. Registering with two or more people also gives you a 10% discount.



Knowledge of LCA, and being able to effectively use SimaPro for LCA, including advanced features. We suggest you only join these expert sessions if you have sufficient knowledge of LCA. If you want to increase your expertise first, we advise you to take one of the SimaPro or LCA training courses.



The webinars have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 20 participants. 


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Contact Laura Golsteijn if you want to organise a private webinar focussed on the most relevant topics for your organisation and team.

"I very much appreciated your methodical approach to the material. Thank you for the personal insights into standards and methods, and providing a global perspective on what is current thinking. The course was at a good level for me, informative but challenging. Well done!"

Joseph A. Hankins, Vice President, The Conservation Fund
Oct 11 - 12 | Effective LCA with SimaPro
Oct 11 - 12 | Effective LCA with SimaPro
Oct 11 - 13 | Advanced Use of SimaPro
Oct 11 - 13 | Advanced Use of SimaPro
Nov 29 - 30 | Effective LCA with SimaPro
Nov 29 - 30 | Effective LCA with SimaPro

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