Why do I need an EPD?

In today's market, manufacturers can no longer make unsubstantiated "green" claims. Increasingly, specifiers and purchasers expect credibility and transparency. This is provided most effectively by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). These are made according to a transparent standard, and the end result is verified by a external expert.


The Product Category Rules (PCRs), Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCAs) and verifications by an outside expert required with an EPD provide the trust and transparency being sought by procurement professionals. EPDs combine the Life Cycle Assessment approach with a level playing field provided by PCRs, resulting in a reliable resource for both manufacturers and purchasers. As such the use of EPD’s avoids greenwashing, as explained in this article. The benefits of EPD are also well explained in this presentation by Ramon Arratia of InterFaceFloor.


But the most important reason is that EPD's are becoming compulsory by law. The French Grenelle law demands that all high volume consumer products sold in France must have an EPD. It is anticipated that this policy will become commonplace in other EU countries as well.

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