Weighting: Applying a Value Judgement to LCA Results
This series of articles discusses the steps in an LCA, each explained by an expert consultant. Today, Ellen Brilhuis-Meijer talks about weighting - or applying a value judgement to impact categories - and the controversies associated with this.

SimaPro Software and Sustainability Consulting

We are home to world's leading LCA software SimaPro and will help you put the metrics behind your sustainability goals with SimaPro Software and Sustainability Consulting, tailored to your business needs. Your goal is to make a change in the world by becoming a truly sustainable organization. All of our efforts are meant to guide you on that path.


Sustainability Metrics Integration

A key component to access business value is the integration of sustainability metrics across your business functions to measure, manage and improve your sustainability impacts. In a rapidly changing world, environmental and social sustainability are a core business capability and a key lever to manage and grow your business - Just like product quality, cost and safety. The Metrics Integration framework maps in three different stages the hotspots to define your specific sustainability business strategy.

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