Sanne’s Favourite Sustainability Initiative:
Each month, one of PRé’s people talks about his or her favourite sustainability initiative. This month, Sanne van der Es talks about, an initiative that allows people to share and find home-cooked meals in their neighbourhood.

SimaPro Software and Sustainability Consulting

We are home to world's leading LCA software SimaPro and will help you put the metrics behind your sustainability goals with SimaPro Software and Sustainability Consulting, tailored to your business needs. Your goal is to make a change in the world by becoming a truly sustainable organization. All of our efforts are meant to guide you on that path.

LCA Trainings | Upcoming

Apr 22 - 23 | 2-days: Effective LCA with SimaPro

Apr 22 - 24 | 3-days: Advanced Use of SimaPro

LCA Events | Upcoming

Mar 10 | ecoinvent v3.1 Webinar

Mar 17 | ecoinvent v3.1 Webinar