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SimaPro, the leading LCA tool, is dedicated to help LCA practitioners deliver value and can help you put the metrics behind your sustainable product development and sustainability goals. You can make solid decisions to positively change your product’s life cycle. SimaPro is the tool of choice for industry, consultancies, universities and research institutes in more than 80 countries.

SimaPro LCA Software 

SimaPro provides you with a professional tool to collect, analyze and monitor the sustainability performance of products and services. With SimaPro, you can easily model and analyze complex life cycles in a systematic and transparent way, measure the environmental impact of your products and services across all life cycle stages and identify the hotspots in all aspects of your supply chain, from extraction of raw materials to manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal.



SimaPro LCA Software can help various departments within the company with their business needs:



Life Cycle Assessments


Embedding Sustainability Into The Business


Sustainable Sourcing and Purchasing


Eco Design and Product Development


Brand Reputation and Sustainability Communication






Benefits for the SimaPro User

  • Use SimaPro for a variety of LCA applications like carbon footprint and water footprint.
  • Communicate your results with standardised Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
  • SimaPro is an all-in-one package. Various LCI data libraries included at no additional cost.
  • The software is frequently updated with new data.
  • Mid-point en end-point impact assessment methods available for various purposes
  • Highly transparent results due to interactive results analysis
  • Accurate and fast calculation engine 
  • Flexible and easy to model complex life cycles
  • Multi-user versions available. Your entire team can work in a single database simultaneously, even when working from different locations around the world.
  • Connect SimaPro easily with other tools through the COM interface


SimaPro Works For Everyone

SimaPro is used by big multinational companies such as Unilever, Heineken, BASF and DSM, but also by small companies, universities, research institutes and individual sustainability practitioners. For every organization or project there is a suitable SimaPro license available, whether you are just starting with sustainability or pioneering in the field of LCA.



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Mar 2 - 4 | Advanced Use of SimaPro

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