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The world’s leading LCA software chosen by industry, research institutes, and consultants in more than 80 countries. SimaPro provides you with a professional tool to collect, analyze and monitor the sustainability performance of products and services.

The ecoinvent life cycle inventory database is the most used LCI database: consistent, transparent and high-quality data. THE ONLY major database that supports consequential modeling!


Life Cycle Assessment Applications

With SimaPro, you can easily model and analyze complex life cycles in a systematic and transparent way, measure the environmental impact of your products and services across all life cycle stages and identify the hotspots in all aspects of your supply chain. SimaPro comes fully integrated with various databases and impact assessments, and is used for a variety of LCA applications:


  • Monitoring corporate and product sustainability performance
  • Carbon footprint assessment
  • Water footprint assessment
  • Product design and eco-design (DfE)
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)
  • Environmental reporting (GRI)
  • Determination of key performance indicators (KPI)


SimaPro answers everyone's questions

Many organizations struggle with how to make their corporate sustainability efforts measurable, how to embed sustainability into their daily operations, and how to create a competitive advantage from sustainability initiatives. SimaPro assists your LCA expert and offers solutions to every department.


  • CEO and Management: how can we embed sustainability in our business strategy?
  • Sustainability Manager: how can we best support other departments in making sustainable decisions?
  • Marketing and communications manager: how can we differentiate our products communicate with full transparency?
  • Chief of Operations: how can resources be used more efficiently and which changes result in the biggest environmental improvement?
  • Product developer: which aspects of our products and product portfolio should we focus on to make our products more sustainable?
  • Supply chain partners: which steps in the supply chain cause the biggest impact and how can we improve these?


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Monitoring corporate and product sustainability performance

Carbon footprint assessment

Measure your business' or product's carbon footprint. With the results of the assessment you can make solid decisions and reduce your carbon footprint.

Water footprint assessment

Use the water-use data, regionalized water flows and water footprint methods included for a calculation of your water footprint. SimaPro 8 can help you assess the completeness of your water footprint results.

Product design and eco-design (DfE)

Measure and analyze your product's environmental impact through the life cycle and identify hotspots. With the results you can improve the environmental performance of your product.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

Quantify environmental data for your product with categories of parameters and create a verified document that reports environmental data of products in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025.

Environmental reporting (GRI)

Create a report about the economic, environmental and social impacts caused by everyday activities of your organization, in accordance with the Sustainability Reporting Framework.

Determination of key performance indicators (KPI)

The included impact assessment methods have many indicators to choose from. Choose the key performance indicators needed.

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