PRé and SAC Develop Tools for Sustainable Product Development
PRé and SAC Develop Tools for Sustainable Product Development

For The Sustainable Apparel Coalition, PRé developed three tools for sustainable product development; tackling issues from data gathering to ecodesign for the apparel industry.

Sustainability in business has shifted from a voluntary peripheral opportunity to a core business capability. For 25 years now, we help businesses clarify their goals, develop effective strategies and integrate processes for measuring sustainability indicators in supply chain, product development or organisation.

Metrics Pioneering

If your company has already a sustainability program in place and wants to innovate beyond, new sustainability metrics can help continue create value and meet stakeholder expectations.

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Metrics Integration

If you need insight and guidance on your sustainability journey, we will help you clarify your business goals, select the right metrics, and implement a custom sustainability programme.

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Metrics Delivery

If you want fact-based sustainability business goals, PRé can help you directly through targeted analyses and expert advice on LCA studies, databases and specific sustainability topics.

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"We have now been working together for four years developing our understanding of the Life Cycle impacts of our products and generating LCA studies. From our initial contacts I have been pleased and impressed with the collaborative approach to delivering our projects and the depth of understanding and concise advice given."

Andrew Bragg, Global Sustainability Manager, Lucite International
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