Company history

In 1990, the challenge for Mark Goedkoop was how to measure "eco". Trained as an industrial designer, he specialized in ecodesign. At the time, life cycle assessment hardly existed. Mark focused on making LCA easier to apply and understand. While developing SimaPro LCA software, PRé was born

This timeline illustrates PRé’s developments and key achievements up to today:


Company History PRé

Mar 27 - 28 | SimaPro and LCA: essentials
Mar 27 - 29 | SimaPro and LCA: in-depth
Jun 19 - 20 | SimaPro and LCA: essentials
Jun 19 - 21 | SimaPro and LCA: in-depth
Sep 25 - 26 | SimaPro and LCA: essentials
Sep 25 - 27 | SimaPro and LCA: in-depth
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