Elsa Valencia

‘LCA tools beyond technical solutions’
'I believe we all have expertise that we can use to do something to improve our relationship with the world, and that we need to use scientific methods and tools that objectively guide us when making decisions. Sustainability and sustainability metrics have been the main topic of my career. I enjoy helping clients from different backgrounds and regions to understand how they can tackle today’s challenges with integrated tools that go beyond only technical solutions.'
Elsa holds a dual MSc in Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems from KTH in Sweden and TU/e in the Netherlands, and a BSc in Physics Engineering. She gained international experience in the field of sustainability and LCA through summer schools in Norway, Greenland and Spain.

In her years of consulting, she has worked with a variety of public and private clients in Mexico and the Netherlands. For each client, she applied scientific knowledge to create tools, concepts and models that efficiently interweave economic, social and environmental relationships. Nowadays, she creates industry-specific LCA calculation tools and database management applications for PRé’s LCA software package SimaPro.

Her areas of expertise include the circular economy, life cycle assessment (LCA) tools, industry-specific calculation tools and LCA database management and data conversion for PRé’s LCA software package SimaPro.
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