Eric Mieras

'Positive impact makes you meaningful'
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'Sustainability is all about impact. Positive impact makes you meaningful. But first you have to know where you are having an impact and where you can create shared value. That’s where PRé comes in. Pinpointing your impact is an essential starting point for taking joint action with people and organizations in your ecosystem. The combination of sustainability and social business can make a real change in the way we do business.'
As managing director, Eric makes sure the PRé team stays aware of the business challenges its clients face. He believes understanding what’s happening in the market is essential for delivering sustainability software, training and consultancy that make a difference, as well as ensuring that LCA is (re)connected to the latest developments. Eric empowers PRé’s people and teams to strive for continuous growth and improvement in both their personal and professional lives. And “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”— that resolve has helped Eric get things done and make ideas happen throughout his career.

Eric’s professional focus is on (information) technology, professional services and sustainability firms. Previously, Eric founded a social business platform that helps business ecosystems increase their positive impact. Eric’s extensive experience building business, for corporations, SME’s and start-ups, bolsters PRé’s position as a known market leader.

Eric holds a Master of Laws in law and environmental studies, a Master of Science in communication studies, and a Postgraduate Certificate in change management.
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