Laura Schumacher

'Improving sustainability of daily practices'
"I believe the current human influence on earth systems is not sustainable. To lower the impact of humans on earth systems, this impact first needs to be understood. By understanding the environmental impact of daily practices, improvement options can be identified. Sustainability metrics provide this insight into the environmental impact. Working in sustainability metrics combines my passion for modelling and understanding the influence of humans on earth systems with my drive to lower the environmental impact of daily practices."
Laura has an MSc degree in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University, the Netherlands. She specialised in Environmental Systems Analysis and focussed on understanding and modelling earth systems and the human impact on these systems. Including both natural and social sciences, she viewed these earth systems holistically, seeing connections between different parts of the system.

As an analyst at PRé, she uses this knowledge and holistic mind-set to model the environmental impact of companies by performing an LCA. She has a particular interest in using this model to provide insight into how certain design or material choices can influence the environmental impact.
Sep 16-22 | SimaPro and LCA: Essentials
Sep 16-25 | SimaPro and LCA: In-Depth
Oct 8-9 | Product Environmental Footprint
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