Measure your performance with life cycle assessment

Your company knows your products better than anyone. With life cycle assessment (LCA), you can determine your performance, identify improvement opportunities and communicate with your departments to create buy-in.

Measurable and concrete environmental impact assessment

Good life cycle assessment results are valuable but not always easy to communicate. Formatting your environmental impact assessment results in a concrete, actionable and transparent way will make it easier for other departments to understand what to do.


The best life cycle assessment results come from peer reviewed, fully documented, ISO-compliant studies. You will need to collect more data for this type of study than for smaller-scale LCAs, but in return, a full-scale LCA will allow you to communicate data gaps, subjective choices and uncertainties in a clear and concise way.


If you already have the capacity for small-scale LCA, we can help you transition to full ISO-compliant LCA capability. This will unlock new ways to quantify, categorise and monitor environmental impacts. Together, we will determine the most significant impacts for your business and establish a baseline for your sustainability goals and communication.


Life cycle assessment consultancy

Our consultancy team has years of experience with all types of LCA studies, from simple and efficient screenings to large ISO-compatible studies. We will help you decide the right type of environmental impact assessment, prepare and do that LCA, and determine the reporting format that will help you achieve your goals.


Depending on your business goals, we can help you with:

  • LCA screening: quick, efficient LCA for internal communication. We help you find hot spots and improvement activities in a matter of days.
  • ISO-compliant LCAs: a full-scale LCA to communicate sustainability results to consumers. We create a solid foundation for the study and help you solve problems.
  • SimaPro training: learn to do your own LCAs and analyse your company’s sustainability results yourself. We offer general and customised training.


In each type of environmental impact assessment, it is essential to evaluate the robustness of your conclusions. We help you with that by providing sensitivity and uncertainty analyses.


Other environmental impact assessment services

PRé offers even more services, tailored to businesses with clear sustainability goals and specific sustainability questions. We can help you set up metrics and methodologies, provide a thorough periodic review to ensure your metrics are still fit-for-purpose, and streamline communications formats and channels. For our full range of practical consulting services, please take a look at our metrics delivery page.


Work with the experts

PRé is a pioneer in the field of sustainability. We have assisted big multinationals as Unilever, Heineken, BASF and DSM and worked for many industries for years. We also provide the world's most widely used life cycle assessment software, SimaPro, and offer LCA and SimaPro training.

“PRé was able to make complicated methodological concepts very clear for non-experts, which was really useful when they moderated the group of stakeholders, with different levels of understanding of LCA. This resulted in common understanding and team focus on the shared goals. PRé uses a pragmatic approach, keeping things practical and elegant, but basing their work on really robust, scientific methodology.” 

Jodie Bricout, Development Manager CAP’EM.
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