Tool For Supply Chain Biodiversity Impact

For Platform BEE, PRé, Arcadis and CODE developed BioScope, a tool to easily determine the impact of a company’s supply chain on biodiversity, visualised on a world map. The data can be gathered and entered by non-experts, a great advantage.

March 03, 2017

PRe Develops Tool for Measuring Supply Chain Biodiversity Impacts


Biodiversity Impacts of Supply Chain: Taking A Complicated Topic Into Your Own Hands

One characteristic of applying an working with sustainability metrics is that often, you need a lot of specialist data and expert staff to start determining your environmental impact. While some topics may be relatively easy to understand and get started with, others are prohibitively complex for many companies. Biodiversity impact, especially in your supply chain, is one of the complex metrics, even though it is a very tangible idea that captures the imagination easily. What if there were an easy way to get started with measuring the biodiversity impact of your supply chain? A way that would still provide concrete improvement opportunities?


Dashboard for Biodiversity Impacts of Supply Chain

Resulting supply chain biodiversity impact estimates are shown on a world map, indicating where the biodiversity impacts take place and what drives them | Image: BioScope Dashboard


Helping Companies At All Expertise Levels Understand Supply Chain Biodiversity Impact

Platform BEE (biodiversity, ecosystems and economics) wanted such a tool to be available. They commissioned PRé, Arcadis and CODE to develop BioScope, an online tool with simple data entry and accessible visual results. Based on the Exiobase 2.2 database, SimaPro and the ReCiPe method, BioScope requires companies only to know the location of their suppliers and how much they spent with each supplier on their various commodities. The resulting supply chain biodiversity impact estimates are shown on a world map, indicating where the biodiversity impacts take place and what drives them. Users can register for the tool online.

For more information, please read the full case study [PDF].

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