Comparative LCA of three materials for bike frames

CASE STUDY | For a bicycle manufacturer, PRé did a comparative LCA of three potential materials for bike frames, looking for the material with the lowest impact and understanding the hotspots for all materials.

By Katarzyna Cenian on May 07, 2018


Continuously improving your environmental impact with comparative LCA

It is easy to think that you can be ‘done’ with sustainability at some point. Looking at bicycles, for instance, it might be tempting to assume they are already so environmentally friendly that there is nothing to be gained from ongoing focus on sustainability. Of course, this is not the case. Every design decision – and even products such as bicycles are still constantly being redesigned with the latest insights, materials and style – is a chance to improve your environmental impacts.


The right LCA model to help you make the best choices

For that reason, a bike manufacturer asked PRé to compare three materials they were considering for their new line of bike frames. With a parameterised model that easily switches between material type and amount, PRé helped make sure that the bike manufacturer obtained meaningful environmental information.


For more insights, read the full case.

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“I started working with LCA because I was determined to find out whether the processes I designed in the lab would not only be economically feasible but also benefit the environment. Soon, LCA took hold, making me assess many aspects of my daily life. I see overconsumption wherever I look and I would like to help companies understand and minimise their impacts, while leaving them free to develop their products.”

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