Harmonised LCA approach for the labelling sector

For FINAT and TLMI, two large industry associations in the self-adhesive label industry, PRé developed a harmonised approach to LCA that can be used by the FINAT and TLMI members to create a common understanding of LCA and the hotspots within the label supply chain.

November 28, 2016


Halting the proliferation of approaches

The labelling industry is very large and very visible – FINAT alone has approximately 500 members in 54 countries around the world, and consumers see hundreds of labels every day. Many consumers wonder what effects all these labels have on the environment. And as concern for the environment grows, consumers increasingly demand that companies respond to these questions with facts. Without guidance and standardisation, a large industry could easily develop dozens of different ways to show their impacts to consumers – and these different methods could easily have seemingly contradictory results. In addition, the efforts to produce these analysis could form a large burden on suppliers, some of whom may work for several labelling companies.


Deliverables per phase towards sector lca approach FINAT-TLMI


Developing a single, harmonised approach

For this reason, FINAT and TLMI asked PRé to develop a harmonised approach that would be available to all their members. Substantiated by case studies and surveys, the new approach helps provide a level playing field for the sector. Customers can trust the quality and completeness of LCAs that follow this approach, and the approach even provides FINAT and TLMI members who are not that far along in their sustainability journey with a solid basis to do LCA. For more information, please read the full case study [PDF].

"PRé has supported us expertly throughout the process of establishing our harmonised sector approach and the creation of the guidance documents, acting in a complex environment involving actors both in Europe and the USA. We appreciate PRé’s open and communicative approach and highly recommend their services."

Mark Macaré, Public Affairs Manager, FINAT
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Anne Gaasbeek
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