Supporting the changing sustainability standards in Europe

CASE STUDY | Supporting the European Commission’s product environmental footprint (PEF) initiative, PRé served as technical helpdesk and trainers for the pilot phase of four and a half years, gaining valuable experience in complex alignment projects.

By Marisa Vieira on May 21, 2018

PEF technical helpdesk


Changing the sustainability standards of an entire continent

A project like the Environmental Footprint initiative, which wants to transform and simplify Europe’s approach to sustainability through large-scale methodological reform, needs to invest in long-term, international change. Its pilot phase contained 26 pilot projects in a wide range of products and sectors. They developed rules for developing new PEFCRs and OEFSRs, tested the communication and verification approaches and explored solutions for practical challenges, such as access to and quality of life cycle data, cost-effective verification methods, and communication.


Learning by providing dedicated, expert support

To support this sea-change in sustainability standards across Europe, PRé was part of the technical helpdesk that provided technical support, training, an online working space and much more. This sharpened our consultants’ experience with metrics reviews, methodology development and industry alignment in large-scale, highly diverse international projects – experience that they will bring forward to aid other pioneering organisations in developing metrics and KPIs and getting on board with the changing sustainability standards in Europe and around the world, such as the PEF.


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“The time of the industrial revolution is over. Now it is time for the green revolution to go full steam ahead! Because we all need to be involved in this process, I aim to guide individuals and businesses in understanding the trade-offs between impacts. This will help them make informed decisions, which will really help sustainable living thrive.”

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