Environmental product declarations for reliable compliance

Credibility and transparency are crucial for your brand reputation. Customers no longer accept unsubstantiated ‘green’ claims. By creating environmental product declarations (EPD) for your product, you can comply with the accepted industry standards and communicate objectively about your environmental performance.

Environmental Product Declarations


Effective environmental reporting without greenwashing

Environmental product declarations are standardised communication tools for objective communication and product comparison. EPDs are made according to a transparent standard and verified by an external expert. As such, EPDs help you comply with regulations and avoid greenwashing, which more and more customers reject.


Trustworthy and transparent

With an environmental product declaration, you can communicate all of the relevant environmental information along a product's value or supply chain. You can also use these environmental reports to reflect your continuous improvement, to select the best eco-design options and to be in compliance with laws around high-volume consumer products in certain countries. It is anticipated that this policy will become commonplace in other EU countries as well, which is good reason to start developing EPDs for your products today.


Product benchmarking and compliance with reliable standards

It is not easy to compare the environmental performance of different products. Environmental product declarations all use a common methodology, the product category rules (PCRs), so you can compare the environmental report of different products. Because EPDs are always verified by an external expert, they provide trust and transparency for your manufacturers and procurement professionals. 


Because an EPD is an ISO 14025-compliant standardised tool, they are excellent for  communicating the environmental performance of a product or system. EPDs are built on life cycle assessment (LCA) data and include robust, fact-based information. PRé offers a variety of services around EPDs: we can help you with the initial LCA, develop your EPDs or PCRs, or serve as the external expert to verify your EPDs and underlying LCA.


Work with the experts

At PRé, we are pioneers in the field of sustainability metrics and environmental reporting, and we are well known for our transparent way of working. Big multinationals such as Unilever, Heineken, BASF and DSM and various companies in many industries have worked with us for years.


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