EPD Consulting - Adding New Market Dimensions To Communication

In today's market, purchasers and customers expect credibility and transparency, rejecting unsubstantiated ‘green’ claims. PRé is well known for its transparent way of working, and can help your company communicate its sustainability results with clarity.

Avoid Greenwashing With Effective Communication Tools

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are standardised communication tools that enable you to communicate more objectively and credibly about the environmental performance of your products and services, and to compare their performance to other products or services. EPDs are made according to a transparent standard, and the end results are verified by an external expert. As such, EPDs help avoid greenwashing, and are becoming a requirement for more and more customers.


Standardised Approach With External Verification

An EPD is an ISO 14025-compliant standardised tool for communicating the environmental performance of a product or system. It builds on life cycle assessment (LCA) data and includes information such as raw material acquisition, energy use and efficiency, content of materials and chemical substances, emissions to air, soil and water, and waste generation. An important part of an EPD’s value is verification by an external expert. This verification provides trust and transparency for both manufacturers and procurement professionals. 


EPDs use a common methodology, the product category rules (PCRs), and can therefore be used to compare products. PCRs, describing the requirements for calculations and data collection for a product group, were developed by organisations such as environdec, IBUJEMAI, and the Green Standard. Additional PCRs are continuously being created for new product group.


PRé can assist you in performing an LCA and help you develop your EPDs or PCRs. Alternatively, we can also help you engage the right parties in the consultation period, or be the external expert you need to verify your EPD and its underlying LCA.


Trustworthy and Transparent

With an EPD, you can communicate all of the relevant environmental information along a product's value or supply chain. The use of a common methodology has numerous advantages when it comes to comparing your products with similar products. You can, for instance, use EPDs to reflect your continuous environmental improvement over time. You can also use the information gained from an EPD or LCA to select the best ecodesign options. In some countries, such as France, the law demands that all high-volume consumer products sold there have an EPD. It is anticipated that this policy will become commonplace in other EU countries as well, which is good reason to start developing EPDs for your products today. To learn more about the benefits of EPDs, watch this presentation by Ramon Arratia, European Sustainability Director at Interface and author of the book Full Product Transparency. 


Why Choose PRé?

At PRé, we are pioneers in the field of sustainability metrics and well known for our transparent way of working. Big multinationals as Unilever, Heineken, BASF and DSM and various companies in many industries have worked with us for years. We also provide the world's most widely used LCA software, SimaPro, and offer LCA and SimaPro training.


Case Study | Regional LCAs to produce EPDs and access new markets

For Argos, an international cement and concrete producer, PRé completed LCAs of 13 building materials, establishing a baseline for environmental product performance. PRé then used that data in SimaPro to create EPDs covering more than 340 of Argos’ concrete products. This is the basis of Argos’ Product Sustainability Programme, helping them guide improvements and differentiate themselves. Read the case study.



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